Wedding cars play an important role in making a magnificent entrance. How you and your bridal party get to the wedding can really reflect your personality and can make some pretty fun aesthetically appealing photos.

Long gone are the days of the standard Rolls-Royce – why have that when you can make a grand entrance with a spectacularly remarkable Ford Muscle XY GT or BA? A beloved classic car or something that will turn heads? Bring your entire day together in an instant by extending the things you love to include your journey to the ceremony!

Here at Sydney Classic GT Occasions we recognise that your wedding car is one of the most important visual aspects of your wedding day. It’s therefore important to consider all visual and practical aspects when choosing your wedding car – including: the look that you and  everyone  will  love  and  remember, the feeling when  you  sit and  relax in the comfortable seats, the  sound  of  the roaring engine ,the service  and  treatment – like  a queen for  the  day,  your budget and practical needs of your wedding day.

Vintage, Classic or Modern? Knowing and understanding what type of car you are looking for is a good start when looking for the perfect wedding car. Vintage cars are cars that have been manufactured between 1919 and 1930 whilst Classic Cars are generally at least 25yrs old. Modern cars tend to be anything that has been manufactured within the last 25 years.

A wedding car of any era will make you feel a million dollars and selecting the right wedding car company will take a lot of the stress away from your wedding planning. So read these helpful tips to choose your wedding cars wisely.


How many cars do you need? Do you need a single hire car or several cars to transport the Bridal party? One of the first things you need to do is decide on how many wedding cars you need to hire. It is usual for the bride and her father to ride together to the ceremony. However don’t forget the bride’s mother, the rest of the wedding party and the groom’s parents. It is important that you check how many people will fit in a car comfortably as some older classic and vintage wedding cars may not fit three in the back comfortably. You should also consider whether you will need a getaway car to leave the wedding reception.


Is your wedding formal or informal, traditional or modern? Do you have a wedding colour theme? Many people choose cars to match their style of wedding or theme. However it is important to remember to choose a wedding car that suits you and your wedding as well as all practical aspects.


Check that the company is reputable and has fully comprehensive insurance cover for the cars. Ask how long they have been in business and make sure they are licensed. It is always a good idea to check their references and once you have found the car you like go and see it in person. Photographs can sometimes be misleading and give the impression of more room than there is for that beautiful wedding dress. If the car is not kept immaculate chances are that the engine may be in a similar condition. Remember to ask about what happens in the event of a breakdown.

Dress Code

Ask about the chauffeurs. What will they be wearing? Will it match your wedding style? Will they help you in and out of the car? Reputable companies ensure that their chauffeurs are dressed smartly and are well groomed. This attention to detail is a key aspect of a reputable wedding car hire company.

Book Early

Whatever you decide, remember to book well in advance – As soon as you book the date for the wedding you should look at booking your cars otherwise you may find it hard to get what you require and especially if you are booking several cars. People quite often book their cars 12 months in advance to make sure they get their dream car. Make sure you get a firm quote in writing.

Quality vs Price

Choose quality over price. That cheap deal won’t seem so great if the cars don’t turn up, or are unclean and scratched, think about what the photos will look like. Remember – you pay for what you get! If the car hire is cheap then expect quality and reliability to match! The last thing you want is to arrive an hour late to your own wedding because the car broke down. Or arrive at your wedding sweating with makeup running down your face because there was no air-conditioning. You should always book through a reputable, licensed, insured and professional wedding car hire company.


There is no specific time frame as to how long you should hire a wedding car, however with some companies a minimum period and charge applies. Think about the time that you will need the cars for and factor in the time spent taking photos as the cars are quite often an important part of your day and makes for a fantastic photo backdrop. You should allow for the bride to arrive at the ceremony at least 10 minutes before so that photos can be taken and the bride can freshen up.

Added Extras

Remember to ask about any extras that are included with your transport. Will the cars have ribbons/decorations that can be colour coordinated with your theme and red carpet or will you need to provide these? Do they offer refreshments or nibbles? The day can be long when travelling between the wedding ceremony, photo shoots and reception so it pays to have some refreshments and food. Do they provide umbrellas if it rains and wheel covers for photo shoots?


One week before the wedding, confirm all the details (date, times and locations etc) in writing with the wedding car hire operator. Send directions and a map of how to get to your house, church, reception etc. It is also a good idea to ask for a mobile number in case you need to contact them at the last minute.