Sydney Classic Formal Car Hire Services

At Sydney Classic GT Occasions we know how important your school formals are. We have the right style of muscle cars so that when you arrive to your venue you will be the envy of all your mates. Imagine you and your friends making a magnificent entrance when you cruise in with that classic low rumble of the engine of an Australian muscle car.

Your school formal is a once in a life-time event so why not be treated like a celebrity on your special night!

As classic car enthusiasts and collectors, we take pride in all our cars and making sure that your special occasion is as perfect and as memorable as you dreamed.

Our car choice ranges from the classic legendary muscle machines of the 70’s, the classic Ford XY GT’s in red or white to the glamour and style of the luxurious Ford BA GT’s in red or silver.

At Classic GT Occasions we offer affordable formal car hire for your special event. Contact us now about our formal car hire packages.

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